Beaphar Bio Shampoo for Dog and Cat, 250 ml

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Beaphar Bio Dogs and Cats Shampoo repels ticks and fleas and thus, reduces itching and scratching. It contains natural oils which moisturizes the skin and hence ensures a smooth skin and coat. After applying the Beaphar Bio Shampoo , the oils will be spread over the skin and through the coat of your pet, producing a fresh and hygienic effect. It can be used for any pet which is above 12 weeks of age.
  • This flea and tick shampoo for Beaphar is made from 100% natural botanical extracts.
  • It contains margosa extract 0.4% w/w and lavandin oil extracts 0.4% w/w. Repels fleas and ticks effectively.
  • While it won’t clear an infestation as it is herbal, it will help for pets with less amount of fleas and help keep an infestation from occurring in clean pets.
  • Also relieves itching caused by flea tick bites. 100% natural, doesn’t make coat rough as caused by flea tick shampoos with chemicals.
  • Suitable for dogs & cats of all breed and age above 12 weeks.

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