BIO BALL 46MM (30 pcs)

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GRAND Bio-Balls 46 MM with inside sponge should be used for biological filtration. Aquarium Biochemical sponge ball can effectively filter impurities and make the water cleaner. 

·       Bio ball are best filter medium. Using this bio balls in your filter system, naturally good bacteria will create in your fish tank

·       You can keep this bio ball in all the places where the water circulates in your filter system for your tank.

·       every time you need not wash this fully whenever you wash your fish tank and other filter medium.

·       As long as you use bio balls without washing but keeping in your filter system is so much good for your fishes in the tank.

·       Bio balls are used in all power filters, canister filers, top filers, pond filer systems. Using bio ball your fishes will get good color, good growth and good shape.

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