Sunsun Grech CPF 15000 Pond Filter with UV

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Capacity Suitable for ponds with fish 15m3
Flow Rate 15000 L/Hour
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Weight 10.5 kg
Dimension 16.5" x 29.25" x 16"
Cable Length 5 Meter


This CPF-15000 Pressurized pond filter with built-in UV clarifiers are designed to be continuously pressurized by your pond pump (Best suited Pump JTP 10000 - 10000 litres/hour pump), to maintain excellent water quality for fish-keeping. Water can be fed directly from your pond pump through the filter container and subsequently the outlet, continuously under pressure. The water outlet can be located higher than the actual filter body, making it easier to disguise around the pond particularly useful if incorporating a waterfall. Pump is not Included in the Standard Packaging. To be Brought Separately. Filter Media Comes in the pack
Supplied with a fantastic new rotating cleaning handle on the head, maintaining the Pressurized Filter is now even easier. The unit will inform you when it is in need of a detailed clean using a small float, which pops-out of the head of the unit when required. 

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