Sunsun CT 201 Single way Silent Air Pump

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Sunsun CT-201 Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump 4W Single Outlet

Low noise operation,adjustable flow control
Multi-speed control
High output
Single/Dual outlet
High quality compact air pump which is suitable for use in any Freshwater or Marine aquariums

Company Profile 
SUNSUN, the group full of Hi-tech invention, manufacture & after sale service founded in 1985, has possessed 8 subsidiary manufacturing companies, 10 proprietary enterprises, and more than 400 Chinese special sales agencies. 
In the international market, her products are very popular in more than 100 countries.

Product Introduction 
Designed with advanced air-compressing system and multi-level muffler which produces extremely low noise.
Specail synthetic diaphragm is used to regulate steady air compression without loss of efficiency.
Comes with 4 dampers at the bottom of the housing so as to reduce noise and vibration during operation.

Product Specification
Model: CT-201
Power: 4.0W
Output: 1.5 L/min
Outlet Number: 1

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