Sunsun CUV 155 UVC Clarifying Light

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Do you have algae problems in your pond? Do the algae multiply themselves under the influence of strong sunlight?

It protects your fish against germs
Safe and good for your fish and plants
Provides clear water
It purifies the pond water without the addition of chemicals
It keeps algae, bacteria and mold formation under control
With universal hose connections

The pond water is pressed with a pump through the housing, where it is channeled past the UV-light sterilizer.
By means of UVC-radiation of the PL-lamp, harmful bacteria and germs are destroyed and the algae formation remains under control.

The UVC-clarifier provides clear pond water within 14 days. You achieve the best result if you combine the UVC-clarifier with a biological filter.

A special insert in the inner housing (helix) ensures that the water flow moves in a spiral course around the UVC lamp. Consequently, the exposure time to the UV radiation of the water to be clarified is twice increased.

If compared with similar devices with reflector technology, this new model is not susceptible to sediments and dirt of the reflector, which reduces significantly the cleaning work.

Regarding koi ponds each m³ of pond water needs a 3 watt power of the UV sterilizer.


Model: CUV-155
Power: 55
UV-C(W): 55
Capacity: 50000 liters
Through Flow : 5000(L/h)
Product dimension:  65 x 7 x 12cm

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