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Coral Feeder is specifically designed for the direct feeding of liquefied and particulate foods to SPS corals, LPS corals and filter feeding corals. Coral feeder can also be used to eradicate detris and excess debris from those hard to reach areas of the aquarium.

Use with phytoplankton, oyster eggs, Cyclopes, liquid coral food, baby brine shrimp, rotifers and copepods. Just suck up your desired food in the coral feeder, place in aquarium and aim and shoot.



  • Small — 7″ (feeding tube) & 10 ¼” (total length)
  • Medium — 9 ¾” (feeding tube) & 13 ¾” (total length)
  • Large — 14 ¾” (feeding tube) & 19″ (total length)
  • Large extension tube — 12 ½”
  • Medium Coral Feeder extends to 18″ (feeding tube) & 22″ (total length)
  • Large Coral Feeder extends to 24 ½” (feeding tube) & 28 ¾” (total length)

The Marine Sea Squirt makes it possible to target-feed liquid supplements to corals or other aquatic animals so they receive the nutrients for proper health and growth. The Sea Squirt features a 21″ graduated tube that extends to 35″ for deep aquariums and hard-to-reach areas. A unique probe is included to feed solid foods to anemones, eels, lion fish, and other organisms that require a careful approach. Disassembles for easy cleanup.

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