Jebao Doser 3.4 WiFi 4-Channel Auto Dosing Pump

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Automatic WIFI Liquid Dosing Pump

  • Wi-Fi + Manual Control Function
  • Automatic dosing in high precision
  • Mini Size, Elegant appearance
  • Automatic/handle to control the dosing liquid

The Jecod WiFi dosing pump 3.4 is the newest dosing pump of the brand Jecod / Jebao. This new dosing equipment is equipped with Wi-Fi, has no display and buttons on the housing, making it much more compact and can be operated from the smartphone or tablet.

The Jecod dosing computers are ideal for the daily dosing of additives. For example when using the Balling method, DSR etc. for seawater aquariums and for the Estimative Index, Redfield Ratio etc. for freshwater aquariums.

  • 4 Channel Wi-Fi Dosing Pump.
  • Each Channel Provides 1 to 9999ml per day.
  • Each Channel can programmable 24 timer per day.
  • Can interval 30 days to dosing.
  • Easy Set different time of the Dosing Pump.
  • Ideal for Dosing CA | MG | AB | Plant Fertilizer or any other liquid supplements.

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