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Some Lava stone may turn powdery during delivery process)Introduction of volcanic stone:Volcanic stone is a functional kind of environmental protection material.It is a kind of precious and polyporous stone, and formed by volcanic glass ,mineral and air bubble in the process of volcanic eruption.It contains sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, and other dozens of minerals and trace elements.It has no radiation.It has far infrared magnetic wave. Natural stoneSlide-proof, acid & alkali proofSound absorbing and insulationFeatures of Volcanic Stone:Natural stone, sound absorbing and insulationHeat absorbing and preservationWater absorbing and slide-proofAcid & alkali proofNot radiationNot permeationNot poisonous and not odorGreen and environmental-protection products with high qualityHyperfine and with high quality productsBe used to interior decoration, outside decoration and paving public squareImprove water qualityPerfect for providing the ideal living environment for your aquarium because it has beneficial denitrifying bacteria.Ideal for Aquascaping especially for bucephalandraBlack Stone size : 1-2cm / 3-5cm / 5-8cm / 8-12cmRed Stone size : 1-2cm / 3-5cmApplication area:*Contruction*Aquarium*Grinding*Barbecue*Filter Medium*Water Conservancy*Garden Landscaping*Soilless culture*Ornamental products*Stone treatment. It can help to eliminate the toxin of human body and promote metabolism.

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