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Ocean fishes and reef organisms need multi-directional turbulence to thrive. Correct water movement encourages proper exercise for marine fishes, keeps immobile corals and inverts clean of deadly sediment, distributes trace elements and food evenly and pushes waste to skimmers and filters to keep water conditions healthy.

The structure of impeller adopts patent technology; and it can solve the defect of single stream-forming method and fast speed of stream created by common pumps. SUNSUN Wave Maker can create a natural ecological environment for your halobios.

The angle can be adjusted in any directions. And it is suitable for forming stream in any directions.

This wave maker has better aspect, high performance, low energy consumption. Quick and easy maintenance. High quality rubber material. Three strengthened absorption tray, suitable for fixing slick surface.

  • Best Suitable for aquarium.
  • 360 degree circum gyration.
  • Big flow impeller.
  • Titanium Shaft.
  • Multi-angle fixation.
  • Multi-depth fixation.
  • High efficiency, energy-saving and long service lifetime.
  • Its appearance is novel and beautiful.
  • The motor is sealed with resin.
  • High waterproof and insulation performance ensure safe and reliable use.
  • Can also be used in Freshwater tanks for unmatched water circulation.

Technical parameter:
Voltage: 220-240 v/50 Hz
Power: 48 W
Output: 24000 L/H

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