Sunsun CUV 136 UVC Clarifying Light

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sunsun uv sterilizer cuv-136 | 36w

sunsun uv sterilizer cuv-136 | 36w

This equipment can kill the harmful germs and algae and clears green water in the aquarium. The pond and offers the healthy environment to the fish.It need to be connect with filter hose pipe as it does not comes with pump or power head.


  • UVC ia harmful to the eyes and skin.Please do not watch UVC directly or let the skin approach to the UVC.
  • Please cut off the power source when equipping or repairing the product in the aquarium.
  • Please do not use the product in the water.
  • Please do not connect the UV light with the power source if there is no water circulation.
  • in order not to influence the water pressure against the water shell,please do not equip the switch between the body shell and the pipe of the aquarium.
  • Install the UVC where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.


  1. This equipment can kill the harmful germ and algae in the aquarium.The pond which offer the healthy environment to the fishes.
  2. When the water under the irradiation of wavelength in 253.7 nm. Ultraviolet radiation in a short period, the germ and pathogen in the water will be killed then.
  3. This equipment not match with the water pump by itself, Please buy it it separately.
  4. Using the screw to the fix the UVC erectly in the cabinet of the aquarium  or the steady place of the pond side.
  5. Please connect the inlet pipe with the outlet of  the water pump.
  6. Please connect the outlet pipe with the other filter or the pond and fix it.
  7. After the start of the water circulation, please incline the body shell of this equipment, then reel off the air and air bubble in the pipe or the body shell.

Brand : SUNSUN
Model: CUV-136
Voltage: 220-240/50Hz
Power: 36w
Capacity: For upto 
10000 liter systems

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