Sunsun SL 800 Aquarium LED Light

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SunSun SL-800 Aquarium LED Light White & Blue 14w perfect for 2.5 Feet Fresh Water Tank

Sunsun SL-800 its powerful led lighting of 14w. Excellent radiation system as we can use high quality led bulb safe, save energy and long service life stainless holder, fit the tank perfectly operation steps users must follow the specific operating instructions for good use led is only for indoor and aquarium use please unplug the power before working and maintain put led, to the right place of tank operation make sure to install the light on the tank make sure all the power is turned off before plugin plugin to start work all light is ok, that means everything is ok.

  • SunSun SL-800 Aquarium LED Light White & Blue 
  • Perfect for 2.5 Feet Tank
  • Stainless holder fit over the tank perfectly
  • Luminous flux for each LED bulb is 22-25 LM
  • Safe energy saving & long life
  • Sunsun SL-800 80cm LED light fitting 20K 14W Ideal for fresh/plant and salt water aquariums
  • Also ideal for sump lights, LED light
  • 80cm long including fully adjustable brackets and transformer
  • No replacing globes for up to 50 000 hours 20K colour blue LED DC12V 14watt

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