Sunsun XQP 1500F Submersible Internal Filter

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SUNSUN Xiaoli’s aquarium revolutions. A filter with a modern design and color characteristics matching the latest trends in interior finishing. From now on, the aquarium will correlate with the character of your four walls. In addition, the filter meets all the highest requirements set by aquarists: quiet operation, high filtration efficiency, energy-saving and easy maintenance.

Aquaristics also goes with the times:
It’s time to start Xiaoli’s aquarium revolution. Look around! Take a look at the interior of your home. Modern design of furniture and electronics, neat smooth walls and wooden floors. Thoughtful details and the latest trending accessories. And the filter in your aquarium is black, matching nothing and simply ugly. Xiaoli says: it’s over!

White and gray:
These are the most commonly used colors in modern interiors. Xiaoli does not argue with fashion. It just fits.


It is equipped with two modules (baskets) filled with a sponge as standard. You can freely use the modules and, for example, reduce their number to one. You can also use two at the same time and empty one of them from a sponge and cover it with an insert such as ceramics, zeolite or activated carbon. Of course, you do not need to make such modifications if it is not necessary. Use the filter “straight out of the box” without making changes if that’s enough for you.

Water pump:
It uses the latest technological developments. It is quiet, efficient and energy-saving. can work in fresh and sea water.

Output: 1500 L/H
Size: 257×73×78mm

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